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Touring teams
We are always ready to welcome touring teams from other parts of the country. 

Contact us if you would like to check on dates and green fees, etc.
A sport for all ages...
Competitive bowls (leagues, cups, and tournaments)
Friendlies with other clubs
"Jumbles" (Club) sessions each week
Informal games at any time
Carpet bowls (winter)
Social events (quizzes, coffee mornings, etc).
Coaching is free for members, with prospective bowlers being offered four sessions with no commitment.
Elvaston bowls on green A Long Tradition
Whatever the changes in colour and materials of "woods" over the last century, our club has been a fixture on Elvaston Road. Map.

The worst mistake people can make about bowls is to think it is a game for old people.  Think of it as a sport that people can play even as they get older - in fact, the younger you are when you start, the better! New members of any age and ability are welcome to help us build on our past success.  NOW is the perfect time for you to get involved.
Membership Fees
Membership costs (2021) will be confirmed at our AGM, but should not be very different from the previous £85 (free for juniors).   New bowlers are offered half-price membership.  (Members who paid the full fee in advance for 2020 will receive a 50% discount this year.)

Interested in joining? Simply download an application form or contact us with any queries that are not answered on our FAQs page.

Non-members are welcome to use the green on payment of a fee charged per session.  Equipment, including shoes, can also be borrowed.
Elvaston shirt Dress Code
For Club competitions and "Jumbles" we ask members to wear white tops and grey below the waist.  For league matches we wear the club shirt. Friendlies use either system, depending on the opponents, but we are always flexible. For  "bounce" games between members there is no special dress code.  Non-members do not need any special clothing, although approved flat-soled shoes must be worn at all times on the green.
The Club has always been a strong supporter of the Gosforth Bowlers Touring Club. 

The annual week-long tour is an excellent way to discover new places, new greens, and new friends.      

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